Monif C Showing Beauty At All Sizes

Monif C Showing Beauty At All Sizes

Monif C is not the first plus sized brand I've had the pleasure to work with;  it's not the first plus swimwear line I've worked with.  But what set this project apart for me personally was the   was the  palpable sexual energy.   On the one hand this should have been pretty obvious, I was shooting swimwear; barring robes, what you see here is what our lovely models (and  they  are lovely, classy, hardworking  women) ran around in for most of the day.   On the other hand  this shoot was  a huge wake up call.

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Melt Away with Me..Full Edit

In a previous post when I was telling the story of the making of this shoot I promised an extended edit beyond the published story that ran in The Dapifer.  And here they are now.  I hope you enjoy!

Photography: Adrianna Favero

Wardrobe Stylist: Alex Vinash

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Jon Lieckfelt

Hair and Makeup Assistant: Nikki Fontaine

Model: Allie Silva (New York Models)