ivy and aster bridesmaids

Ivy and Aster Bridesmaids

Looking back October really was the month of bridal extravaganza with Ivy and Aster.  Starting with New York Bridal Week, the bridal lookbook shoot and presentation, (and editing, retouching, and deliveries) and finally the bridesmaids collection.  So it only made sense that we get the team  - Ananda Khan of Big Leo and Bloom Brides and Ren Kelly of APM Models - back together for this last project.  

Working with one team (with hardly any crew changes) on multiple back to back projects is always an interesting  experience.  Most of the time the I will work with the same group of hair and makeup artists and stylists, but the models change almost every shoot, so you are forging a (potentially very intimate) working relationship with a total stranger in minutes that can last only hours.  Having the time to develop familiarity over multiple days of shooting is a rare treat and always makes the shoots much more comfortable and feel less like work. 

I hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes and scroll down to see some of my favorite images from this shoot.

Behind the Scenes of Ivy and Aster Bridesmaids

I have been  wanting to share these images with you for about six months at this point, so please forgive me that this may seem like old news at this point.  Last fall I first worked with Jessica Brown of Ivy and Aster on her Spring 2015 Bridal runway show at New York Bridal Market and a few weeks later the full lookbook and campaign shoot.  Following the success of the advertising shoot we moved onto the bridesmaids collection. For this collection we chose Eli from Wilhelmina to be the face of this line (if she looks familiar to you it's because you've been seeing a ton of her in Aerie ads lately).  Her infectious personality and impressive work ethic made her a pleasure to work with and as you'll see shortly from the behind the scenes shots, we all had a pretty great time on set.

Recurring contributors to my teams and major talents: Ananda Khan (hair and makeup) and Mia Tucker Williams (wardrobe stylist) supplied their respective expertise and helped to make this shoot a success.

Stay tuned for the full shoot soon.

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