Chantelle Fraser for Panache Magazine

Mia Tucker Williams is a talented stylist who I've been working with for years, so when one Friday evening she called me in a mild panic because they somehow lost their photographer for a portrait shoot with Chantelle Fraser the next morning, it didn't take much convincing to get me on board.  Chantelle's publicist had reached out to Mia about an ongoing collaboration in the Spring and when they were contacted by Panache Magazine in Jamaica about running a feature on Chantelle, she called Mia, who then called me (the production phone tree at work).  Chantelle Fraser is the CEO of Flawless NYC, a vegan beauty and lifestyle blogger, and one of the stars of Bravo's hit reality show, Blood, Sweat, and Heels.  I didn't really have anything else going on so it seemed like a nice way to spend a Saturday morning in June.  

We met at Chantelle's house the next day and shot the story in her backyard.  Working with Chantelle was a very lovely experience.  The London native and CEO was a gracious host and willing model (as was Milkshake, her west highland terrier).  Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot, and don't forget to check out the article in Panache Magazine.  


#InstaTakeOver with Ivy and Aster

As you know by now I've done quite a bit of work with the wonderfully talented ladies of Ivy and Aster, so when they reached out a few weeks ago about taking over their instagram for a day, I was thrilled to be asked and jumped at the chance.  They wanted to give their followers a peek into my daily life, and when I explained what my daily life looked like (either lots of desk work - editing and emails, or busy shoots and hectic adventures) (more of the adventures soon) we decided to expand to show some of my inspirations when working with bridal clients. The TakeOver went down on Friday and I thought I'd share the stories behind the shots with you here as well.

While I'm a devoted at home coffee drinker, early morning calls require some outside help, and I generally start those mornings at Astoria Coffee because in addition to supporting my caffeine addiction they also support my desire to have plants in my apartment, and don’t judge my inability to keep them alive. 

In May Chanel opened a pop up exhibit here in the Meatpacking to educate people about the creation of their iconic fragrance Chanel No5 (which has been a favorite of mine for years).  So of course Jules and I had to stop by.  The idea behind the innovative multimedia installation was to shift the way people interact with the fragrance. It was a beautiful exhibit and a brilliant piece of marketing from the stunning ushers (all male models) to the light show (which was clearly my favorite part)

If you live in New York or are planning to visit New York and haven't been to the Frick yet that is an oversight that you need to remedy ASAP.  The collection was compiled by the turn of the century industrialist Clay Frick, and is housed in is former home on 5th Avenue, a few short blocks from the Met.  I recommend the audio tour as you will get so much more from the collection, and its display, and the architecture (that in some cases was designed around specific pieces) can be a little overwhelming/incongruous without the back story.  They are also hosting Flaming June (one of my favorite paintings) until September 6th, so get going, before they send it back to Puerto Rico's Museo de Arte de Ponce.

When Mom’s in town, we explore the city and treat ourselves to a little something fancy. This trip was the high tea at The Palm Court in The Plaza.  Further proof that New York is sometimes a small town, one of our hostesses was a lovely model who I'd worked with a few years ago.  She was amazed that I remembered her (and vice versa), and after chatting for a bit, and of course introducing her to mom, she went back to work and later surprised us with a tray of pastries, which was incredibly sweet.  For the record, the lemon tarts are incredible, so is the chocolate, and so is the champagne…