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Zoe Twitt Designer Dossier now live on modaCYCLE.com

My first introduction to Zoe Twitt was photographing her backstage at her Spring 2011 presentation last September, while hair and makeup chased her around the room because she was ar more concerned with the models' perfection than her own appearance.  I was lucky enough to work with her again a few months later on the modaCYCLE Emerging Designers Showcase. Throughout all the misadventures and happy accidents that characterized that experience she incredibly helpful and approachable. It was then that we approached her with the idea of collaborating on a long form editorial piece.

The Designer Dossier has gone through several stages of growth and transformation, but at its heart the principle is a simple one: a long form in depth interview combined with a photo editorial that the designer helps to art direct. The piece is organized to allow the designer to represent their brand, their creative vision, and themselves freely in an editorial platform. Working with Zoe was an absolute pleasure. It was beyond her positive presence and attitude on set, but throughout the production process and the collaboration that i enjoyed. She had specific ideas and themes she wanted but was actively involved in am open and constant flow of creative ideas that was a huge part of making the shoot so successful.

So the morning of the shoot and the entire crew piles into my tiny apartment for the preparation. Hair and makeup claimed the kitchen, styling commandeered the bed and every other open surface of the bedroom, and the interview was taking place in the living room. Despite the cramped conditions spirits were high and coffee was constantly brewing and being redistributed to the masses. Once everything was ready we marched down yo the location, the local and fantastic Cafe Colette. They were kind enough to donate a corner of the restaurant to the shoot.  Fueled by coffee and a feast constructed from the Cafe Colette menu we began shooting.  Stories and hairspray and candy and teasing flew back and forth, and while regular customers looked at us like we were all insane we continued with the shoot.  This was one of those days when I feel like all the crazy and self doubt is worth it for the people I have the opportunity to work with and the experience of shooting and creating lovely things.

So without further ado here is the full shoot.  For the article please visit modaCYCLE.com

Hair: David Gulino

Makeup: Shaun Thomas Gibson

Designer/Styling/Art Direction: Zoe Twitt

Model: Claire Birkholz (Elite)