Monif C Showing Beauty At All Sizes

Monif C Showing Beauty At All Sizes

Monif C is not the first plus sized brand I've had the pleasure to work with;  it's not the first plus swimwear line I've worked with.  But what set this project apart for me personally was the   was the  palpable sexual energy.   On the one hand this should have been pretty obvious, I was shooting swimwear; barring robes, what you see here is what our lovely models (and  they  are lovely, classy, hardworking  women) ran around in for most of the day.   On the other hand  this shoot was  a huge wake up call.

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Ivy and Aster Bridesmaids

Looking back October really was the month of bridal extravaganza with Ivy and Aster.  Starting with New York Bridal Week, the bridal lookbook shoot and presentation, (and editing, retouching, and deliveries) and finally the bridesmaids collection.  So it only made sense that we get the team  - Ananda Khan of Big Leo and Bloom Brides and Ren Kelly of APM Models - back together for this last project.  

Working with one team (with hardly any crew changes) on multiple back to back projects is always an interesting  experience.  Most of the time the I will work with the same group of hair and makeup artists and stylists, but the models change almost every shoot, so you are forging a (potentially very intimate) working relationship with a total stranger in minutes that can last only hours.  Having the time to develop familiarity over multiple days of shooting is a rare treat and always makes the shoots much more comfortable and feel less like work. 

I hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes and scroll down to see some of my favorite images from this shoot.

Ivy and Aster Bridal Lookbook

On Monday I shared a glimpse behind the scenes of my lookbook shoot for the Ivy and Aster Spring 2016 collection.  As promised here are some of my favorite images from this project.  Our model is the very sweet, and extremely talented Ren Kelly of APM.  Ananda Khan, agency represented hair and makeup artist with Big Leo and co-founder of Bloom Brides, rounded out our creative team.

But the work doesn't just end with the shoot once the images are retouched and the edits are delivered to the whole team, the work begins for the lovely ladies at Skirt PR, Ivy and Aster's Chicago based public relations firm..  Between the minds at Skirt and the in house team, and the years of brilliant design, branding, and promotion the buzz around this season's collection and the editor's responses were fantastic and included features on The Knot, Inside Weddings (twice), Weddings Unveiled, Style Me Pretty, Bridal Guide, and (my personal favorite) the Cut.

I hope you enjoy... till next time.