Ivy and Aster Bridal Presentation

I know that I've been writing quite about about Ivy and Aster and mainly about the proceedings of New York Bridal Market weekend.  Well it was an eventful weekend.  Friday we shot the bridal lookbook, Saturday I edited, and Sunday was the presentation.  Since Jessica and the team decided to rent out Darling (a women's clothing and accessories shop in the West Village) for the weekend, the lookbook, all the showroom and editor appointments, and the garden party presentation were all held on location.  

Ananda Khan,co-owner/creator/principle artist of Bloom Brides and agency represented artist, was the presentation's key hair and makeup artist.  She was responsible for designing the hair and makeup looks (featuring Julep products and hairpieces by Hearts of Gold Designs) and coordinating her team of talented artists to craft the looks on the diverse cast of models.  I've worked with Ananda for for years on editorial and commercial projects and one of the many reasons that she continues to be one of my first calls is because whatever beauty idea I come up with she always takes further, finesses, and comes up with something amazing and more than I would have known how to request (and generally requiring minimal retouching, which I always appreciate).  She is also excellent at adapting to time pressures and adjusting on the fly.  So naturally she killed it on presentation day.

Please continue to scroll through for a taste of the behind the scenes action and the stunning finished product of the hard work of so many talented people.