Kelsey for The Angle Magazine

In a previous post where I shared the story behind the Sidewalk editorial for Hope Street Magazine, I talked a little about the new team members that I've started to work quite closely with, namely Jenny Haapala and the lovely ladies (and Derek) at Marilyn.  You may have noticed how strongly I feel about the importance of having a strong and diverse team, and how much I believe in surrounding myself with talented and motivated artists who not only elevate my work through their respective expertise, but who also are always challenging me to achieve more and create stronger images and stories.  So on the heels of one successful project I got the team back together for a denim and beauty test.  

For those of you who may have been following my work, I've spent a huge chunk of the past two years on e-commerce projects.  E-commerce is wonderful in that it pays the bills and keeps the lights on, it is also highly technical and repetitive (and lets be honest, at times pretty boring).  It's just the nature of the beast.  So over the past year, I've been making a concentrated effort to try to develop and refine my voice and style.  There have been a lot of misses, a few serious learning experiences masquerading as complete failures, and several shoots moving towards something really exciting.  I am especially proud of this project and of the women who pushed me to make something worthy of their time and talents.

This shoot was initially meant as a test shoot for DL1961 Denim, they saw some of my work and wanted to make sure that we were on the same page creatively speaking.  So I put the shoot together with a couple of very talented artists, Jenny Haapala and Ananda Khan, and the stunning Kelsey Rogers of Marilyn New York and we spent a beautiful fall afternoon in the studio.  For the most part it was me taking pictures of Kelsey dancing to hip-hop while everyone “sang” along (can you tell I work with with cool people?).  You can imagine how entertaining the editing was.  

There are lots of projects that are one and done.  You shoot, you edit, you retouch, you deliver, you're done.  Then there are projects that seem to grow as they are shared.  They capture people's imagination and open doors as they move and develop whole lives unto themselves.  This was one such project.  I sent one of the images to The Angle Agency, and while it didn't guarantee me a spot on their roster, it started a conversation and an invitation to be featured on their in-house magazine.  So here is the full story as it ran on their site.  I hope you enjoy.  


Photography: Adrianna Favero

Wardrobe Stylist: Jenny Haapala

Hair and Makeup: Ananda Khan (Big Leo)

Model: Kelsey Rogers (Marilyn)